Nielsen Benefits Group
Changing the Approach to Group Health Insurance

Nielsen Benefits Group provides a comprehensive suite of employee group health benefits management services designed to save our clients money while providing a distinct competitive advantage for your business.

Value-based health care lowers medical costs and makes good insurance affordable, allowing you to attract and retain top talent. Quality health care and sensible corporate wellness programs improve employee well-being and satisfaction, creating a more engaged, productive workforce. A reduced benefits workload gives your HR staff more time to focus on other priorities. Data analytics identify key metrics and trends, allowing you to forecast costs and make group benefits decisions that align with organizational goals.

By customizing value-based employee benefits packages that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and objectives, we help create a healthier, more productive workforce while reducing group health benefits costs.

Changing Employee Healthcare
Improving Group Health Insurance

To give your company a competitive advantage, look for group insurance carriers which have moved away from a volume business to a value-based approach.

  • Employee benefits are usually an employers SECOND or THIRD largest expense.
  • The cost of health insurance DOUBLES every EIGHT years.
  • These costs CUT into profits and salaries.

Our Employee Benefits

health care benefits
NBG Employee Insurance Increases Your Competitive Advantage
  • cost and health
    Employee health increases while cost of benefits decreases.
  • improved prouctivity
    Improved health brings improved productivity and lower costs.
  • competitive advantage
    The company has a competitive advantage, greater profits and increased capabilities.
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