Health Care Benefits Compliance & HR Services

Nielsen Benefits Group provides benefits compliance and HR services to minimize legal risk and maximize the value of your group health care benefits management.

Federal and state laws impose clear requirements on employers and their group health benefits programs. Large employers face even stiffer regulations to remain in compliance. Consequently, these issues place substantial pressure on employers, who worry about their exposure and struggle to stay current with the constant changes.

To address these concerns, we offer our clients a variety of training, consulting and turnkey wellness programs as a part of our comprehensive suite of group health benefits management services.

Human Resources & Legal Consulting for Utah Businesses

Federal and state-specific requirements for benefits compliance place employers under substantial scrutiny and the threat of dire consequences for non-compliance. To help our clients avoid fines and penalties, we provide legal guidance on matters relating to regulation and employment law.

We constantly monitor regulations to identify any potential changes that could affect you or threaten your compliance status.

Our human resources and legal experts can help you determine whether you are in full compliance, and if you’re not, help you determine which corrective steps may be necessary. We can also assist with policy review and the development of action plans to ensure compliance.

Health Care Benefits Compliance

Health Care Benefits Compliance Training & COBRA Management

In addition to regulations governing health benefits, most organizations are legally obligated to comply with Department of Labor standards, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and others.

Among these regulations, employers often face the greatest challenges in keeping pace with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA.

COBRA establishes regulations for continued access to group health insurance coverage for former employees and their dependents. But like many such federal and state-specific matters, COBRA regulations constantly change and expand. Nielsen Benefits Group provides training and COBRA management for our clients at no extra charge.

Health Promotion & Wellness Services

Some of the most valuable HR services the Nielsen Benefits Group provides are our turnkey employee wellness programs.

Our corporate wellness programs include a variety of evidence-driven components, based on the client’s specific needs. Employees have access to individual counseling with a health coach, as well as comprehensive, medical-grade health risk assessments which can be shared with their primary care physician.

As our client, you do not have to devote any time or resources to take full advantage of our health promotion and wellness services. We handle all communications and arrangements to provide access to your participants. You will quickly recognize the value of our comprehensive suite of employee benefits management services in the form of increased employee engagement and productivity, reduced turnover and reduced health care benefits costs.

Contact Nielsen Benefits Group today to schedule a personalized consultation. We look forward to demonstrating more about how our group health benefits management services can benefit your organization.