Employers Act NOW, Stop Health Insurance Inflation

Chances are your health insurance costs just increased again.  You’re not alone.  Why not join the growing number of employers who reduced the cost they pay in 2024 by 15%-25%.  The employers also used the savings to raise salaries and increase retirement savings and the company’s bottom line. Your employees will be delighted.  The process is streamlined.

Don’t wait until 2025. Your employees will love the bonus NOW.  You could  save another 4% in 2025 and again in 2026.  This can dramatically increase your firm’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Federal law requires all employers to ensure their health plan is a good value for their employees, in comparison to other plans available in the market.   If you didn’t decrease your cost and improve your coverage in 2024, you owe it to your employees.

Give us a call at 801-571-0817 or email to schedule a brief meeting.  It’s about helping your employees by stopping health insurance inflation.