Employee Benefits for Small & Medium Businesses (2-99 employees)

For small and medium business, providing employee benefits — including group health insurance — can pose a significant challenge.

You need to offer a robust package of benefits to attract and keep top talent. Unfortunately, offering top-tier group health insurance has been cost-prohibitive for all but the largest organizations — until now.

By partnering with a benefits administration provider, you can offer superior group insurance to your employees without a notable increase in your HR costs.

The Importance of Employee Benefits for Small & Medium Businesses

Today, to set your business apart from the competition, you need to recruit and retain exceptional employees.

Human resources are more valuable today than ever before, especially for startups and small businesses. The right moves can put you on an even playing field with your largest competitors, and offering great employee insurance is one of the most effective ways to attract the people you need.

Superstar employees will have their choice of jobs — it’s the nature of doing business. What are you doing right now to convince them to work for you?

How Can Your Business Control Group Insurance Costs?

Business owners and HR managers understand the importance of offering great employee benefits, but they also worry about the cost and how it could negatively affect profitability.

If you call around to various insurance carriers and independent agents to request employee insurance quotes, you may find the range of prices staggering as well as confusing. The challenge in consulting a carrier is that you’re limited to only those plans they offer directly. Agents rarely specialize in this unique insurance field, so they may not quote you the best group benefits plan for your needs.

The solution is to work directly with a firm that specializes exclusively in the strategic assessment of health benefits and group insurance administration — Nielsen Benefits Group.

Choosing an Employee Insurance Management Partner

When choosing a benefits administration partner for your company, consider the range of products and services available and look for a firm that emphasizes value-based care.

Nielsen Benefits Group recognizes the importance of providing group insurance for your employees — but we also understand the challenges that entails. That’s why we are committed to helping small- to medium-sized companies provide top-quality benefits at an affordable price. To accomplish these goals, we have developed an innovative data analysis platform that allows us to identify the right benefits plans and service providers for your unique situation.

We take the time, risk and hassle out of group insurance administration. Our health care benefits administration services — including a dedicated account manager from Day One — are designed to contribute additional value and lower your costs even further.