Employee Benefit Plans – Aspirational Health Launching in Utah

It’s about investing in your employee’s wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity. It’s about partnering with a health plan, not a sick care payment plan. It’s about a plan partner that produces measurable results quarterly. It’s about accountability and performance.

  • Exceed Employee Expectations 80%, Empower Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Increase Access to Providers – IHC, Mountain Star (HCA), U of U and Common Spirit
  • Improve Employee/Members Health – Each Insured adult member has a trusted health coach
  • Reduce Company Costs Each Year – 15% 1st year and 5% 2nd – 5th years average
  • Reduce Employee/Family Costs – No or Low Deductible and Out-Of-Pocket Costs
  • User Friendly Implementation, Reduce HR Admin – Dedicated experts provide front-line support
  • Customize Health Plan – Continuous quality improvement identifies opportunities and creates solutions.
  • Increase employee retirement savings, salaries and child care and company profits!

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