What We Do

At Nielsen Benefits Group, we solve some of the most pressing challenges that employers face today – specifically the rising cost and declining value of employee healthcare benefit plans.

If you believe that all group health benefits managers provide essentially the same services, you haven’t met Nielsen Benefits Group.

Our services truly set us apart from the competition for one reason: We show you how to offer the finest group healthcare benefits plans available today at a cost that is little or no more than you’re likely paying now.

With our help, your company can offer unparalleled group benefits while reducing your employees’ cost contribution. You’ll attract the highest quality talent in your industry while increasing your staff’s engagement and productivity. Ultimately, your business and your employees will thrive – and you may soon see the results in your bottom line.

We Use the Power of Data Analytics to Advise Your Benefits Plan Choices

Using actuarial analyses, we leverage the power of “big data” to identify the best healthcare benefits plans and insurance carriers.

We further leverage our analytical capabilities to evaluate healthcare service providers. This allows us to identify those providers that practice a value-based care model. By holding providers to high standards of value-based care, you can reduce your plan costs even more while improving the health and well-being of your participants.

Finally, we use scientific data and empirical research to identify employer-sponsored health initiatives that work, helping you adopt a health benefit culture within your organization. So, rather than offer your employees the same old wellness program that nobody uses anyway, you can provide programs that return substantial benefits for your participants as well as your company.

what we do

We Help You Afford to Offer the Best Group Health Benefits Plans Around

Nielsen Benefits Group has developed a unique value-based benefits approach to group healthcare plan management.

We realized that, as long as providers were paid based on the number of services they recommended for each patient, nothing would change in the healthcare industry – other than the predictable rise in premium costs.

Our value-based approach to group healthcare rewards those providers who get your participants healthy.

This is a win for you, the employer, because you can offer an extraordinary level of group benefits without the burden of extra costs. Your employees enjoy improved health and well-being and reduced contribution costs.

We Handle Every Detail of HR, Compliance & Benefits Administration

What we do at Nielsen Benefits Group isn’t all revolutionary or exciting. Someone has to tend to the important details of plan administration, regulatory compliance and the human resources aspects of healthcare plan administration.

We also offer legal and HR consultation services and turnkey wellness initiative that are proven to provide measurable benefit to the organization and its employees.

The bottom line is that, here at Nielsen Benefits Group, what we do is give you a competitive advantage with value-based group healthcare, reducing your cost and HR workload while improving the health of your participants.

Contact us today to see for yourself how our group health benefits management services can help your company thrive.