Actuarial Group Health Plan Analysis

Actuarial plan analysis provides the insight and data analytics you need to make effective group health benefits choices for your organization.

Nielsen Benefits Group uses client-specific information — including costs, utilization, quality and employee health care status – to create a robust, actionable data warehouse. After performing actuarial analysis on relevant trends and metrics, we produce data-driven reports that allow our clients to make group health benefit decisions based on value and return on investment (ROI), rather than the straight costs.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting for Group Health Benefits

Each quarter, our analysts provide actuarial cost models to help guide your future health benefits plan decisions.

We delve deeply into the claims data to identify and communicate valuable clinical and financial trends that our clients can use to guide their future benefits plan decisions. Some of the metrics we use in our analyses include PCP visits, specialist visits, prescription drugs, emergency room visits, hospital admissions and out-of-network utilization for the period. We explore claim frequency, unit costs, provider discounts, per-member-per-month (PMPM) costs, actuarial value (AV), medical loss ratio (MLR) and risk scores specific to the client’s investment in group health benefits.

Some of the reporting metrics we provide include:

  • Claims data
  • Health savings account (HSA) data
  • Flexible spending account (FSA) data
  • Claims per-member per-month data
  • Carrier claims reports
  • Customer service log
  • Health plan performance comparison
  • Health risk assessment

Actuarial Group Health Plan Analysis

Group Benefits Carrier & Plan Options for Utah Businesses

Nielsen Benefits Group is committed to providing our clients with access to only the premier carriers and administrators to help ensure they provide the best possible health benefits for their employees.

Based on the client’s objectives, we use actuarial analysis to evaluate market trends and identify the best possible carriers, provider networks and administrators. Our analyses delve deeply into the data, to evaluate influence factors that might otherwise go unnoticed. We even track customer service performance to determine how well your carrier and plan are meeting your participants’ needs.

Value-Based Purchasing With An Actuarial Group Health Plan Analysis

Our analyses also identify cost differences between providers to identify high-value options versus high-volume, low-value choices. This provides us with the data we need to negotiate plan and provider contracts that reward the quality of care rather than the quantity of care.

Most important, Nielsen Benefits Group’s actuarial plan analysis and reporting allow you to use historical costs and outcomes to more accurately plan for the future.

Benefits cost forecasting lets you control expenditures while providing your employees with the group health care benefits they need. Data analytics facilitate enterprise financial planning in the short-, mid- and long-term ranges while informing the development of more comprehensive corporate wellness initiatives.

Nielsen Benefits Group provides the experience and expertise you need to put data analyses into contextual perspective for you, to guide your future group health benefits decisions in a way that makes the best sense for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of employee benefits management services and actuarial plan analysis.