Employee Benefits for Large Businesses (100+ Employees)

Does your large business offer a package of truly desirable employee benefits, including group health insurance?

If not, you could be losing top talent to your competitors.

Good health insurance is at the top of almost every prospective employee’s must-have list. The skyrocketing cost of health insurance has Americans in every demographic worried about their ability to obtain comprehensive medical treatment, should they or a dependent need care.

Large businesses face potentially staggering health care premiums, but fortunately, you don’t have to compromise your bottom line to provide top-tier group insurance benefits. Working with an experienced health care benefits administrator can help you improve your group insurance offerings while allowing you to control HR costs.

Assessing Large Business Employee Benefit Needs

When you go in search of group health insurance quotes, carriers and agents expect you to know what you need and ask for it accordingly. But without a strategic assessment of your company’s needs, you cannot make proactive decisions about your employee insurance needs.

Nielsen Benefits Group (NBG) starts by conducting an assessment of your enterprise business employee benefits needs. We use a data-driven approach that, in essence, resets your benefits package offering and provides you with fresh insight as to what you do — and don’t — need to provide in your market and vertical.

This ensures that you offer those group insurance and related employee benefits products that current and prospective employees value most without spending money on programs that add little or no value to your benefits package.

Controlling Employee Insurance Costs with Value-Based Benefits

Today, not all health care services are provided equally. At Nielsen Benefits Group, we identify insurance plans that emphasize value-based care.

Choosing providers that focus on preventing chronic conditions — rather than simply treating their symptoms when they arise — and nurturing a culture of wellness in the organization can substantially reduce the cost of your employee health insurance plan.

NBG has pioneered this approach to choosing group insurance plans and providers. As a result, we have helped our clients improve their benefits offerings with little or no increase in cost, compared to their prior programs.

Value-Added Employee Benefits Administration for Large Businesses

The suite of services provided by NBG was designed to help large businesses save time and money while improving their competitive edge in the marketplace.

In addition to health care benefits program management, our services include handling tasks such as employee onboarding, compliance training, COBRA management, group pharmacy benefits consulting and more. We tailor our services to your needs, creating a truly customized experience for you and your employees.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your enterprise offer truly exceptional, cost-effective health care plans to your employees, contact Nielsen Benefits Group today and schedule your strategic employee benefits assessment.