Health Plan Analytics

Provider performance measurement is a powerful tool for improving employee benefits management and adds value to your health care benefits plan.

By identifying those providers that offer more valuable services, Nielsen Benefits Group helps firms improve the quality of their employee health care benefits while lowering the overall cost.

This data-driven analytics platform can also provide your employees with information that allows them to obtain more comprehensive care while reducing their out-of-pocket costs.

Critical Elements of Comprehensive Coverage & Care

Your health care benefits will quickly become meaningless if they fail to provide value for you and your employees.

High-value care delivers exceptional quality and improved outcomes at the lowest possible costs. The value-based health care model takes a holistic approach to health and well-being, focusing on preventive services and distributing the responsibility for desired outcomes across every pillar of the health care delivery system.

Low-value care is defined as unnecessary, ineffective or minimally beneficial testing or treatment procedures, which can potentially place patients at harm and cause health care costs to increase.

Unfortunately, employers have had no evidence-based means of quantifying the level of value providers deliver.

provider performance measurement

Measuring Provider Performance Improves Plan Value

Providers that exhibit low-value practice patterns undermine value-based care and unnecessarily drive up the cost of your employee health benefits.

The concept of actively monitoring provider performance can seem foreign to employers, who may believe that clinical practice guidelines and industry oversight entities already handle this important task.

Unfortunately, no single group or agency is minding the store in this regard. That is why Nielsen Benefits Group implemented our provider performance measurement platform.

Holding Benefits Providers to Exacting Standards

Provider performance management from Nielsen Benefits Group measures the value of care and helps employers take steps to eliminate low-value care at the individual provider level. This improves the quality of your employee benefits package and reduces your costs.

Our evaluation platform also allows us to identify high-value care trends specific to the employer and group. Using high-value care providers improves the overall health of employees and further reduces costs.

We focus on value-based provider contracts, which reimburse providers based on their outcomes rather than the volume of tests or services they provide or refer. It allows everyone to make better choices, reducing their costs and improving outcomes across the board.

Contact Nielsen Benefits Group today to learn how our provider performance management services — as a part of our comprehensive employee benefits management services — can improve your employee health care benefits while reducing your costs.