Group Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

Nielsen Benefits Group provides group pharmacy consulting and benefits management services as a part of our employee health care benefits management package.

Like virtually all our benefits management offerings, our pharmacy consulting services are designed to help you improve the value of your employee health care benefits package while reducing your costs.

We believe that, today, it may not always make sense for companies to contract their pharmacy benefits separately. We can help you determine the right answer for your firm based on your participants’ needs and a detailed claims history analysis performed within the context of your overall health care benefits program.

The Important Role of Group Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

The cost of prescription drugs is skyrocketing, and consequently, so too is the cost of group pharmacy benefits. However, this is no time to scale back on the pharmaceutical coverage you provide your employees.

Comprehensive drug coverage is more important than ever, as employees fear having to forego important medications because they cannot afford them. The growing specialty drug market (especially when paired with the faltering generic market share) will pose an even greater — and more expensive — challenge in the coming years.

For these reasons, Nielsen Benefits Group provides a full range of pharmacy consulting services to our clients as a part of our overarching group health care management program.

Group Pharmacy Benefits Consulting

Group Pharmacy Benefits Consulting & PBM for Utah Businesses

Determining the right pharmacy benefits plan for your organization requires an in-depth analysis of complex factors. You may appear to save money by choosing a plan that includes high deductibles or co-insurance payments, but based on the data analysis, you might be surprised to learn that this approach can drive up your overall group health care costs.

If your participants cannot afford their drug deductibles or co-pays, they may stop seeing the doctor or taking their medication. This can, in turn, increase the frequency of emergency room visits and hospital stays and cause previously under-control chronic illnesses to worsen.

Our expert consulting team can assist you by analyzing your pharmacy benefit management (PBM) options, including mail order, specialty pharmacy, formularies and other variables. We will help you through every step of the process, to ensure your group pharmacy benefits provide the maximum possible value for your participants at the lowest possible cost.

Pharmacy Consulting for Audit & Periodic Review

Because pharmacy benefits are in a constant state of flux, we assist our clients in the periodic review and audit of plan performance. If any aspect of your group health care plan is failing to meet your participants’ needs or your organizational objectives, we can assist you in considering your options and determining the right course of action.

Nielsen Benefits Group offers pharmacy consulting services as a critical part of a comprehensive group health care management strategy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in this important area of group health benefits.