Personal Health Plan Advisor

Nielsen Benefits Group provides a personal health plan advisor as part of our employee group health benefits management services.

As a business owner or human resources manager, you wear many hats and juggle multiple responsibilities every day. Becoming an expert on health care benefits likely doesn’t fit into your schedule. That’s why our employee benefits management services include access to a personal health plan advisor as well as a variety of other valuable information resources.

Your advisor is available not only to your HR team, but also to your employees, so they never have to worry about navigating the complexities of benefits or struggle to find the help or care they need.

Around-the-Clock Access to a Trusted Personal Health Plan Advisor

For your financial, management and human resources teams, having access to a trusted health care benefits plan advisor reduces the time and effort necessary for coordinating health care benefits. We ensure that you get the answers you need when you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Even more importantly, your employees also have access to a personal health plan advisor at any time. This drastically reduces the time your HR team must spend answering questions and chasing solutions. It also significantly minimizes the time, effort and hassle your employees must expend to get answers or find the resources they need.

Personal Health Plan Advisor

Online & Print Health Plan Information Resources

With health benefits management services from Nielsen Benefits Group, you will have multiple ways to communicate the details of your group insurance coverage to your employees. You and your staff will also have access to a variety of value-added online resources.

We provide customized (branded) enrollment and explanation of benefits materials in both print and digital formats. Your employees will have access to a dedicated website they can visit for enrollment, plan changes and benefits information.

As a part of the information provided for your participants, we also provide a comprehensive employee benefits summary that clearly explicates the dollar value your benefits program adds to their overall compensation package.

Utah Medical Claim Review & Settlement

One of the most valuable services we offer our clients is a medical claim review and settlement service.

Once the insurance company remits the covered portion of a participant’s treatment or service, and it appears an error has been made, a claims professional reviews the charges for accuracy. They will then negotiate the participant’s portion of the charge and pass the savings along.

This service substantially reduces the time and hassle that employees and their families must spend in resolving outstanding bills, plus they reap the cost savings that our review and settlement experts achieve on their behalf.

Contact Nielsen Benefits Group today to learn more about how our employee benefits management — including a personal health plan advisor, online resources and medical claims review and settlement services — can dramatically improve the value of your group health benefits program while reducing your overall costs.