Health Care is Changing

Health Insurance Is Too Expensive

Too often, it’s eroding employee disposable income and reducing company profits. The commonly held mindset that expensive health insurance increases are a given, doesn’t have to be reality. We ensure that you can provide your executive team with real solutions and measurable results.

Traditional Approaches Are Unacceptable

We know health care from the inside out. Our staff of professionals worked in health systems management, medical group practices, and wellness before they started providing benefit services. We provide our clients with the latest, proven health care innovations. We’re not limited to off-the-shelf carrier programs or large insurance marketing firm offerings. We participate with a national panel of leading health care providers that is continuously evaluating the latest health care innovations to determine how they can be utilized by employers across the country, from Fortune 500 to rural small businesses.

Medical Care Is Undergoing Some of the Biggest Changes in Decades

To ensure that you can take full advantage, we’ll include these as part of our ongoing, multi-year strategic benefit plan, since change is the only constant. We’ll make sure that your strategic benefits plan is updated annually so that you can always provide your employees with high quality, affordable benefits they deserve and your company with the competitive advantage it needs to succeed.

Employee Engagement Is the Key to Success

We understand just how challenging it can be to achieve employee buy-in. Especially with new health benefit initiatives. Many really good programs are never embraced. That’s why NBG has worked with leading experts to create launch campaigns which truly make a difference. We’re achieving 50% use rates in the first year with initiatives where its typically 10% after several years.