Employee Health Management

Employee health management, when incorporated as a part of a comprehensive health care benefits management strategy, is a powerful means of improving the health of your staff while reducing your benefits costs and subscribers’ out-of-pocket expenditures.

Nielsen Benefits Group has identified multiple practices and protocols that improve the overall health and well-being of employees and their families, including personal risk assessments, wellness coaching, employee assistance programs and patient-centered primary care.

Our proven health management platform contributes substantial value to your employee health care benefits package while reducing your overall cost.

Predictive Risk Assessment in Employee Health Management for Utah Businesses

Historically, the Western model of health care has focused on secondary and tertiary treatment — or treatment rendered in response to symptoms that have already presented. However, research tells us that comprehensive preventive primary care helps patients avoid many types of acute and chronic illnesses.

Predictive personal health risk assessment, when incorporated as a part of primary care efforts, can identify those chronic illnesses a patient is prone to developing within three to five years. Early diagnosis allows the patient to work closely with their physician to take necessary steps, including lifestyle changes, that can help mitigate potential outcomes.

employee health management

Focus on Patient-Centered Care, Wellness & Assistance Programs

Patient-centered primary care services focus on preventive strategies that keep employees and their families healthy. This approach to care delivery also helps manage chronic illness more effectively while reducing health care costs.

With the implementation of effective wellness coaching and employee assistance programs (EAPs), your employees will take greater responsibility for their health, making proactive behavior changes that can transform their lives.

We have also found that, depending on the size of your employee population, establishing on-site or near-site clinics can transform the health care experience and outcomes while reducing your benefits costs. This is an appealing benefit for attracting and retaining talent that also reduces employee time away for doctor visits.

Employee Health Management for Your Entire Population

Health management services from Nielsen Benefits Group extend to cover your entire population, including employees’ families and dependents.

Many employers offer services of this nature to their employees. Unfortunately, research tells us that these programs are grossly underutilized, adding to the cost of employee benefits without providing any value.

To overcome this challenge, Nielsen Benefits Group has developed a multi-point approach designed to engender trust, responsibility and critical behavior changes in employees and their families. Our health management program transforms the way populations view health care, wellness and prevention.

The employer benefits through reduced program costs and increased employee engagement and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how our health management program design and employee benefits management services can reduce the cost and improve the outcome of your group health benefits program.