Strategic Assessment of Health Benefits

A strategic assessment of health benefits is the first step in breaking the cycle of reactionary employee benefits management.

Too many firms take a reactive — rather than proactive — approach to managing their employee health benefits. As a result, these companies fall victim to a cycle of rising benefits costs that erodes their ability to compete effectively in the marketplace.

To help employers break this increasingly challenging cycle, Nielsen Benefits Group has designed a data-driven approach to assessing your firm’s needs and identifying the most effective ways to balance costs with an efficient delivery of health care benefits for your employees.

High-Quality Employee Health Benefits Drive Business Success

Securing the best human capital is the secret to capturing market share in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Health care has become exceedingly important to today’s workforce. Providing exceptional benefits plans creates a strong competitive advantage for employers to both attract and retain top talent.

Providing employees with access to comprehensive, quality health care assists the employer in other ways as well. Healthy employees have better attendance, increased productivity and improved engagement. And when employees perceive that their firm cares enough to provide them with an affordable, value-added benefits package, turnover decreases markedly.

strategic assessment of health benefits

Rising Costs Challenge Health Benefits Efficacy in Utah

Providing an exceptional health care plan will help your business reach its key objectives. However, putting that knowledge to work in a practical sense can sometimes appear daunting, if not impossible.

The single greatest challenge that employers face today is delivering a first-rate suite of employee health benefits that is also cost-effective. Health care reform and an ever-changing set of compliance criteria are part of the problem. More importantly, the cost of health insurance plans continues to skyrocket, while at the same time the coverage these plans provide is diminishing.

So how can you provide a health care package that ensures your firm’s competitiveness without sacrificing profitability?

“Reset Benefits” with a Strategic Health Benefits Assessment

A strategic assessment of your health care coverage needs by Nielsen Benefits Group will allow you to deliver comprehensive coverage to your employees more efficiently, minimizing costs while maximizing the value you provide to your staff.

Our strategic assessment strategies allow us to design a health care coverage package that controls your costs without sacrificing the health, well-being and satisfaction of your employees. We use a data-driven approach to analytics. This allows us to customize your employee benefits management and enables you to take a proactive approach to the design and administration of your benefits plan.

Today, it is possible to provide comprehensive health coverage for your staff at a price that doesn’t force you to compromise on salaries or retirement plans, or to pass the excess costs on to your clients.

Nielsen Benefits Group has assembled a unique collection of resources, analysts and subject-matter experts, designed to provide real-world answers and solutions to your greatest employee benefits challenges.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your company’s growth and profitability goals with our strategic health benefits assessment platform.