Navigating Open Enrollment: Metrics, Engagement, Support

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics to be thinking about when it comes to open enrollment for employee health benefits. Employers should be considering several concepts with regard to open enrollment, from knowing its basic timeline to a number of others that will help both them and their employees during this important process.

At Nielsen Benefits Group, we’re here to help with a wide range of employee benefits and insurance solutions for both small and large businesses in Sandy and nearby areas. Now that we’re past open enrollment’s start date and firmly within the open enrollment period, today’s part two of our series will look at some general approaches for ensuring employee simplicity and success within open enrollment.

navigating open enrollment metrics

Metrics, Checkpoints and Calendar

As you’re now within open enrollment, what steps can you take to confirm success? There are several general metrics and checkpoints that can be used in this process:

  • First and foremost, have all employees been properly informed about the various dates and deadlines involved, including when they need to make their selections by?
  • Have you done a thorough review of all company and employee data, ensuring accuracy before sending anything out?
  • Will any important updates or changes be made to the process this year, and if so, have these been explained clearly to employees?
  • Are your communication methods for open enrollment – including how you present information to employees and the materials used – all up to date and as easy to use as possible?
  • Are you using a specific calendar or other reminder system for deadlines, one that allows employees to easily track what’s coming up and when they need to make their selections?

Engaging and Informing Employees

Now that we’re past baseline checkups for open enrollment success, the next step is to engage and inform employees about their options. Some additional themes to consider here include:

  • Utilizing multiple communication channels wherever possible, from email and traditional mail to social media platforms and beyond.
  • Personalizing certain aspects of your open enrollment communication process – such as by addressing employees directly in certain materials rather than using mass communications.
  • Offering resources and educational options for employees who have questions or need more information about certain aspects of open enrollment.

Supporting Several Types of Employees

Every employee is different, and as an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide support for all types. Some tips that can help achieve this goal:

  • Including options for both online and offline enrollment processes – some employees may be more comfortable with one or the other.
  • Offering support in multiple languages, helping your entire workforce understand all open enrollment materials.
  • Providing resources for employees who need assistance sorting through their options, as well as those who may not have much experience with benefits selection processes.

With these themes and others in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a successful open enrollment period. To learn more about any of our benefits, services or how we can help with this year’s open enrollment process, speak to the staff at Nielsen Benefits Group today.